Welcome! My name is Tony Arguelles. I’m the founder and owner of Cloud Stock Photos, and I’m glad you’re here! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been amazed by clouds. And they’re incredible, aren’t they? Clouds provide us the life-giving water we need to survive; they have a huge impact on our weather; their wide range of shapes can make us laugh when they remind us of everyday items; and they can spark a wide range of thoughts, memories and feelings from our past.

A few thin or wispy clouds in front of a bright blue sky can remind us of having fun outdoors on a warm summer day. Other cloud shapes can trigger happy memories of fun times with friends, or spending a happy day with our kids at the park. There are clouds that look ominous and scary, and remind us of a sad or challenging time. And a blanket of gray clouds and cold weather can make us feel like staying home and relaxing in a comfortable chair with a good book and a warm drink.

The Inspiration that Led to Cloud Stock Photos

For several years, I wanted to start a business where I could do something fun and creative that adds a lot of value to people, and helps their businesses look their best. I knew I wanted to create a product that made it easier, faster and cheaper for non-technical business owners to promote and grow their businesses. And I wanted to inform, educate and inspire people, so I could be a positive part of their success.

One day in 2012 as I was cloud watching, I was thinking about my goals and realized I could create valuable products by combining my professional skills as a Website Designer, User Experience Architect, Content Writer and Marketer, with my interests in clouds, nature and photography. And with that idea, Cloud Stock Photos was born…

The Journey to Create Cloud Stock Photos and Help Business Owners

I spent almost two years taking photos of clouds. And I kept at it until I had a collection that would look great across a wide range of projects. Then I sorted through all the cloud images and processed the best ones in Adobe Lightroom to make them look as beautiful as possible. After that, I saved each photo as a huge TIF image (most are over 5,100 pixels wide by 3,400 pixels tall) at 300 dots per inch, so you can use them on all your digital projects and print jobs. The gigantic image size gives you the options to reduce the whole photo to whatever size you need while still retaining all the detail; or crop out different sections to create many unique designs from each image.

100 Free Bonus Images with Every Photo!

Other stock image companies only provide you one photo size, then you’re on your own. I wanted to provide you even more value for your money and help you speed up design time – so with each Cloud Stock Photo you’ll also receive 100 free bonus images at no additional charge.

I optimized each bonus image in Adobe Photoshop for popular sizes on your website, blogs, lead generation landing pages, email newsletters, social media posts, and other digital projects. And I created four different styles for each size.

These bonus images are ready to use “as is” — just upload them and you’re done — or you can add a custom message or other content on top in your favorite image editor. That’ll reduce your graphic design and project management costs, and help you launch your projects faster!

Cloud Photo Categories

To help you quickly find the best cloud stock photographs for your project, I’ve organized our images into two main categories: summer clouds and storm clouds.

Our summer clouds are great for conveying a happy, healthy and optimistic feeling. And the storm clouds are an excellent choice to draw attention to a potential problem or bad situation that your products can prevent or minimize.

Our Secure Website and Shopping Process

I’m a private person, and I take the responsibility of processing your credit card orders very seriously and personally. I want to do whatever I can to help protect your information and our business. So I spent over three months analyzing security options, and worked with an eCommerce expert to ensure we secured your information and our website as much as possible. We’ve implemented multiple levels of protection that includes cloud and server-based web application firewall and website security services — and that’s on top of the security measures our website host and payment processor have implemented.

To provide you the safest shopping experience possible, we also do NOT store your credit card data on our website server. Your credit card data passes directly to our merchant payment processor through an encrypted channel. We never see or have access to your credit card details.

We also offer you the option to save your credit card information with our merchant to make future purchases easier and faster — but again, your credit card details are not stored on our servers. Instead, we only store a reference token provided by our merchant so that you can select that card for future purchases.

The Next Step

So what’s next for Cloud Stock Photos? More cloud photos and free bonus images for you! We’re also working on exciting new services to help you, and support your business!

Please take a look around. We have stock images that’ll be a great choice for tons of projects.

And please contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you!


Tony Arguelles Signature Graphic for the About Us page.

Tony Arguelles
Founder and owner
Cloud Stock Photos

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