With each stock photo you purchase from Cloud Stock Photos, you’ll receive the full-sized version of that image as described on each product’s page.

To help you save money and speed up design time, you’ll also receive 100 bonus images of the photo for your website, emails, marketing ads, and social media posts!

We’re the first and only stock photo company that offers this valuable service — a $500 value — at no additional cost! We’re proud to provide them to you because our mission is to help you and your business grow and succeed!

These bonus images are ready to use “as is”, or you can quickly customize them by adding text, a logo or other graphics on top using your favorite image editor.

Your 100 free bonus images are organized into 4 collections with 25 images in each:

  • Collection 1, Light Overlays — features a white-to-transparent gradient overlay design on top of each photo to convey a bright, healthy and optimistic feeling. These are also great when you want to add dark text or graphics on top — so your message will be easy to see, and get people’s attention.
  • Collection 2, Medium Overlays — features a medium-dark-to-transparent overlay that adds a sense of mystery and power to your message. The photo is easy to see and instantly establishes the feeling you want — but the darker overlay also helps the image sit in the background to support your content.
  • Collection 3, Dark Overlays — another excellent choice when you want to add a sense of mystery and power to your message — and you want your light-content on top to instantly pop and get the viewer’s attention.
  • Collection 4, Angled Overlays — a great choice when you want a stock image to help set the theme of the graphic — and you want a clean background for your message, button or logo next to it. The solid background color was carefully selected to complement the colors in each photo and create a visually pleasing background for your content.

Each bonus image is saved as a .JPG at 90% quality, so it’ll look great after you save your customized version. And they’ll load fast on your website, email newsletters, ads and social media posts.

Bonus Image Sizes

Each of the four collections includes the following bonus image sizes:

Hero Background Images

  • featured slider/banner – Large – 1600 x 500 pixels
  • featured slider/banner – XL – 1600 x 1000 pixels
  • full page – 1920 x 1200 pixels

Email Newsletters

  • featured background banner – Large – 600 x 100 pixels
  • featured background banner – Large – 1200 x 200 pixels for retina displays on mobile phones and tablets
  • featured background banner – XL – 600 x 200 pixels
  • featured background banner – XL – 1200 x 400 for mobile phones and tablets


  • share image for your timeline or newsfeed – 1200 x 630 pixels
  • share link (with image) for your timeline or newsfeed – 1200 x 628 pixels
  • highlighted image – 1200 x 717 pixels
  • event image – 1920 x 1080 pixels


  • in-stream photo, maximum size – 1024 x 512 pixels
  • in-stream photo, recommended size – 440 x 220 pixels


  • photo post – 1080 x 1080 pixels


  • hero image – 1128 x 376 pixels
  • banner image – 646 x 220 pixels


  • pins on main page and board – 236 x 354 pixels
  • pins expanded – 600 x 900 pixels
  • board display, large thumbnail – 222 x 150 pixels
  • board display, small thumbnail – 55 x 55 pixels

Marketing Banner Ads

  • large mobile banner – 320 x 100 pixels
  • medium rectangle – 300 x 250 pixels
  • large rectangle – 336 x 280 pixels
  • half page – 300 x 600 pixels
  • leaderboard – 728 x 90 pixels