Altocumulus Clouds Photo Looks Like a Water Fountain


Altocumulus clouds photo that looks like a water fountain and smoke coming out of a genie’s bottle.

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Product Description

Image Details – Altocumulus Clouds Photo with Water Fountain Shape

This altocumulus clouds photo features a large group of white, puffy altocumulus clouds. In the top-middle of the image, a puffy cloud with thin areas looks like water flowing out of a fountain. Across the middle of the photo, there’s a large puffy cloud that appears flat. And across the bottom, a thin cloud gets thicker from left to right that looks like smoke coming out of a genie’s bottle. The sky is a light shade of blue across the left side image and becomes a deeper shade of blue in the top-right corner where the sky is clear.

This is an excellent stock photo when you want an image with lots of clouds, but still have an upbeat, summer vibe.

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